Share photos and albums

  1. Create a photo album
  2. Add images
  3. Add Friends
  4. Share albums
  5. Create a personal page

1. Create a photo album

PicYoo on the photos are arranged in albums, in order to submit your photos, you must first create an album.

To do this, click on the icon Add a new folder in the top left of your screen, then in the window that appears, name your folder and click OK.

The folder appears in the left side of your screen (If it is not visible click on the Reload the folder view button).

Now in at right-click the file, several options are displayed : add images, rename the file, delete it, share it ...

2. Add images

To add images or photographs, two solutions are possible, either one by one, or several at once.

To send pictures, click a folder to select it, then click the Quick Add Photo (also accessible from the right click).
Select images by clicking the Select images button and click on Upload images.

Once the download is complete, click again on the folder in the bet left of the screen to view its contents.

3. Add Friends

To add friends, is simple, click on the top right button My friends / Search a friend and in the search field enter the full name of your friend.

Next to his name there is a little more that appears, click it to send a request to add to your list of friends.

If your friend is not registered on PicYoo, use the button Invite friends to send him an email.

4. Share albums

There exist two types of sharing album :
  1. The private share :
    It can share your photos only with friends inscribed on PicYoo.
    To share a folder private, select him and click the Share a folder button. In the window that opens, select individuals or groups who can see the file. You can choose whether they will have access only to view the file, or access for viewing and editing.

  2. The public share :
    It allows you to share a folder with an internet address accessible by all.
    To share a folder publicly, select it and click the Share a public folder button.

5. Create a personal page

Personal page allows you to create a mini site on which you can share photo albums of your choice.
You can create a page account, which will have an address like this :

To create your personal page, just click the Custom Page button, select your albums to share, possibly adding an access code, a background image, a headband or a description and click on Create or update my page. Changes are immediately.

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